Recommendations & Care

Please try to follow these good practices for your motorcycle tire warmers:

  • DO NOT leave the tire warmers plugged in if not properly mounted and secured to a motorcycle tire
  • DO NOT drive away with your tire warmers still on your tires
  • DO NOT drive over, step on, or crush the tire warmers if possible
  • ONLY use correctly sized tire warmers, and avoiding the overlapping heating area on the tire
  • Roll the tire warmers up for storage beginning at the end without the power cord
  • Avoid tire warmer use in rain or wet conditions
  • Avoid tire warmer storage in wet or damp locations
  • Be sure to "hang" the tire warmers to cool down after use BEFORE rolling up to store
  • Avoid use and/or storage in freezing temperatures for extended periods of time
  • Over-lapping heated area, bunching, or folding, while energized, could cause overheating and damage the tire and/or the tire warmer


    Dunlop Tire Warmer Recommendations

    1) Set tire warmer temperature to 70C/158F. Heat front and rear tire the same for 45-60 minutes

    2) Set the hot starting press immediately before going onto the racetrack or riding surface (See Pressure Recommendation Chart)

    3) If the motorcycle returns to the pit area and is the going right back out onto the track, DON'T reset the pressures to the pressure you started with.

    4) If the bike will be sitting in the pits between sessions; put the unplugged tire warmers on; Plug them in 20-30 before you go back out.

    5) If your bike will be sitting in excess of 2 hours, re-start this list at #1


    Pirelli Tire Warmer Recommendations

     Pirelli recommends using the tire warmers 45-60 minutes before riding. Set the front and the rear motorcycle tire temperature to 79C/175F. The reason to do this is so that the carcass becomes "heatsoaked" which conveys that the tire and the rim are heated thoroughly.

    Make sure to have the tire warmer smooth and flat (avoid bunching or folding) while securing the tire warmer onto the motorcycle tire.

    Add an extra 15 minutes to your tire warmer heat-up time if the weather is windy or cold. If it is windy, we recommend keeping the bike in a trailer or cover the tire warmers to discourage heat loss due to the wind.

    Adjust the hot starting pressure immediately before going out on the track to suggested pressures.

    Digital Warmers: These warmers are preferred and can be set to 135-155F between sessions and raised when needed to 175F 20 minutes before heading back on to the track.Make sure you check tire pressure and adjust if required. Always stay in suggested range.

    Standard Warmers: Install the tire warmers between the session and unplug when off the track for long periods of time. 20 minutes prior to the session, plug in the warmers to ensure tire is heated to the optimum pressure. Leaving energized tire warmers on the tires all day will significantly reduce the tires life.