Frequently Asked Questions


What is a tire warmer?

A tire warmer is an electrically powered heating blanket that is fitted and secured to a motorcycle tire, and when powered on, generates enough heat to raise the tire to the optimum operating temperature to perform under the given track conditions.


Who uses tire warmers?

In our opinion, if you are a track day rider, recreational, or competitive motorcycle racer, tire warmers are an essential piece of performance equipment that you should not go without. If you are participating in a motorsport that increases your tire temperature and tire pressure, then you will benefit from using tire warmers. The majority of our customers participate in track days, road race, flattrack, supermoto, and motocross. *Tire warmers are not needed for motorcycles that only ride on city streets and highways.


How much power will I require?

This is one of the main benefits of using Maxem Tire Warmers. If you rent or own a 1000 Watt generator you are golden! Unlike the competition, a set of our tire warmers draws under 1000 Watts. Custom Products will vary and draw power depending on size, however, a 1000 Watt generator is usually good enough for those as well. Our tire warmers work off of a standard North American 110 Volt two prong plug with a durable 8-foot cord.


What are the advantages of using tire warmers?

    • Tire Life Improvement - A track day or racing motorcycle is a high-horsepower and intense vehicle. Your tires will cold-tear if the tire is not up to a proper operating temperature for aggressive riding. These cuts or graining dramatically affects the tires life and performance. Additionally, you should maintain warm tire temperatures (approx 55 C / 130 F) between practice sessions to reduce the total number of heat cycles, which is the main factor in tires aging and going off. Improving the life and longevity of the tire will save you money in the long run, while improving performance.
    • Quick Out Of The Gate - If you do your research, know the track conditions, set the proper temperatures and tire pressures, you will have an advantage over the competition. Using a tire warmer brings your tire up to the desired temperature. If your tire is up to temperature it will have more traction, which is essential to starting in a good position and trusting your tires in the early corners.
    • Tuning Your Tires - Each tire brand uses different rubber compounds to manufacture their motorcycle tires. With that said, each compound will work best at a temperature specified by the tire manufacturer. Follow these recommendations by using a Digital Tire Warmer which can easily be adjusted to the temperature recommended by the brand engineers.
    • Avoiding Cold Tire Incidents - We all know that when the racetrack goes green, every racer's competitive juices start to flow. Having cold tires leads to accidents, falls, and riders going off the track. Using a Maxem Tire Warmer would raise the entire tire carcass temperature to its optimum level, giving the tire pliability, which leads to a more reliable grip.
    • Hot Tire Pressures - The motorcycle racing tires today have become very sensitive, and have a desired hot tire pressure + 2-3 PSI. Using a Digital Tire Warmer will bring the entire carcass up to the operating temperature allowing you to set the hot pressure before you hit the first turn!


          What is the best operating pressure?

          Virtually all tire compounds are performing ideally at operating temperatures of 160 -190 degrees Fahrenheit. 176 degrees seems to be the closest temperature for optimum operation, therefore our PRO Standard Tire Warmer is thermostatically controlled to exactly that. Because it depends on the type of racing being done, weather, track conditions, and location, many factors may influence your preferred or needed temperature. Some tires may need to be raised up to 100 C / 212 F, and for those occasions, race teams choose our PRO Digital Tire Warmers that will heat the tires up to 100 C / 212 F.


          How are the tire warmer temperatures regulated?

          All Maxem Tire Warmers are regulated with the highest quality electrical components we could source. The PRO Standard Tire Warmer is thermostatically controlled to 176 degrees Fahrenheit, and the PRO Digital Tire Warmer is controlled by a USA made digital control box which utilizes a sensing probe inside the warmer to self-regulate once set. The digital boxes are not included in the 3-year warranty because they are sourced from another American company, however, if there is a malfunction we do intend to help you as much as we can in replacing of that component.


          Heat up time vs heat soaking?

          • Heat up time is the initial heating cycle of 6-8 minutes, which lets the tire rubber slowly increase in temperature, yielding the best results.
          • Heat soaking is the ultimate goal. This occurs when the whole carcass is "soaked" in heat. To achieve this, we recommend 30-45 additional minutes of heating beyond the heat up time.


            How do I install my tire warmers?

            We are currently shooting our own video featuring Maxem Tire Warmers and it will be uploaded as soon as it is ready!