Kyle Wyman Racing Using Maxem Tire Warmers For 2018 MotoAmerica Season

Maxem is proud to announce a partnership with Gary Dean of Speed Demon Motorcycles, and Kyle Wyman Racing. KWR will have Kyle Wyman racing in the Motul Superbike Class and they have brought on Bryce Prince to race for them in the Supersport category of MotoAmerica as well. They will both be running our PRO Digital Tire Warmers as well as our PRO Standard Tire Warmers for...

Do you need motorcycle tire warmers?

To answer this question, you must ask another, street or track? Obviously, there are exceptions to this, such as flat track, and motocross, which do use tire warmers, fork warmers, and shock warmers sometimes, to achieve the same result.

In general, if the tires on your bike are street legal, you probably don’t need tire warmers, because those are designed to run cold and will gradually heat up after you are a few miles into the ride.

If you are a racer or a track day rider,...

Maxem Available @ Race Tire Service and Dunlop Racing

dunlop racing usa - tire warmers
We are proud to announce that Race Tire Service and have listed Maxem Tire Warmers in their online store! Race Tire Service is the National Distributor for Dunlop Motorcycle Road Race Tires and Flat Track Tires for the USA. Since 1994 RTS has supplied...

Don't Forget To Remove Tire Warmers Before Riding !!

Although this video may get some chuckles, this incident is far more common than you would think. We are constantly coming across damaged warmers due to incidents like or similar to this. We also want you to be safe out there, and this is not safe. Please remember to take care of your Maxem tire warmers, which are durable and built to last you a long time. Even high quality products can fail if they are abused. TAKE THEM OFF BEFORE RIDING!!

Team Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha using Maxem


We are proud Team Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha to chose Maxem to manufacture custom motocross tire warmers for their two 450 Pro class factory riders Matt Goerke and Dillan Epstein. In addition to tire warmers, we also custom built fork warmers and rear shock warmers which will keep their forks and rear shock warm in the cold northern pits. The team looks great using the new gear, and is...