Maxem Tire Warmer Performance Update

MotoAmerica Race Weekend
Utah Motorsports Campus
July 23, 2018

This has been an exciting MotoAmerica weekend at the Utah Motorsports Campus
Racetrack. Going into the sixth MotoAmeria race weekend, Maxem Motorsports was well represented by riders in Erda, Utah. Our tire warmers were heating tire carcasses in almost all of the motorcycle race classes. Here is some follow-up on the riders and how they made out in their respective races.

Motul Superbike Class

Kyle Wyman, #33
Kyle and the KWR team have done a great job all year finishing races in solid positions and this weekend at MotoAmerica was no different. Kyle Wyman has used our tire warmers all year and is a great brand ambassador for Maxem Motorsports. After qualifying in 8th position, he finished the superbike races in 8th and 6th. He is always striving to improve and is on an upward trajectory!

Supersport Class

Bryce Prince, #74
Mr. Prince had a great weekend at the MotoAmerica weekend in Utah. On Saturday, after making some key adjustments to his Yamaha Motorcycle, he Finished the qualifying round in 4th position, setting up two great finishes. In Saturday’s race, Bryce finished 6th, and in the 2nd Supersport race, he closed it out, just barely missing a podium coming in 4th. Awesome weekend Bryce!!!

Wyatt Farris, #19
Our newest racer using Maxem Tire Warmers, Wyatt qualified 16th, and posted two solid finishes in the MotoAmerica Utah race. Saturday he crossed the line in 12th position, a good showing against the crowded field of 29 racers. Sunday was similar result, with a finish in 16th place. Wyatt is a great young rider and we are proud to heat up his tire!

Stock 1000

This is a bittersweet race class for us here at Maxem. We have a new racer using our tire warmers this week and he did fantastic, as well as another loyal rider who has used our tire warmers all season who had a heartbreaking end to his race.

Travis Wyman, #24
First of all, Travis Wyman and Steve Weir from Weir Everywhere Racing have done an amazing job all season, winning Stock 1000 races and taking the pole position regularly on the BMW Race Bike. Travis led the field in qualifying and finished holding the pole position to start the race. He put up one hell of a battle with the eventual winner, but lost the bike rounding a turn in the final laps. The team is strong and the future is bright for Travis. Just a bit of bad luck!

Chad Lewin, #448
Congratulations to Chad Lewin, worlds fastest realtor by day, and racer by weekend. This guy has you know what’s of steel and came out blazing in his debut race. Gary Dean from Speed Demon Motorcycles built his bike and prepped him for success. Chad recently switched to Maxem Tire Warmers and we are proud of him and his performance and can’t wait to see what he does in the future!

Liqui-Moly Junior Cup

Emily Grana, #61
Unfortunately, Emily’s weekend in Utah was over before she had a chance to race. She had a nasty spill, and her head was hit. So hard in fact, the race team, and doctors recommended that she sit out the entire race weekend. On a positive note, we expect Emily to battle through this temporary setback, and be back on the track after a full recovery

Stay tuned for more information on Motorcycle Racing, Tire Warmers, and News about the important topics in our motorsport!

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