Kyle Wyman Racing Using Maxem Tire Warmers For 2018 MotoAmerica Season

Maxem is proud to announce a partnership with Gary Dean of Speed Demon Motorcycles, and Kyle Wyman Racing. KWR will have Kyle Wyman racing in the Motul Superbike Class and they have brought on Bryce Prince to race for them in the Supersport category of MotoAmerica as well. They will both be running our PRO Digital Tire Warmers as well as our PRO Standard Tire Warmers for the 2018 MotoAmerica Season!!!!

Our knowledge of tires, hot pressure, heat soaking, motorcycles, and tires have catapulted us to the front of the tire warmer category. We have been working for over 10 years to build the best motorcycle tire warmers in the road racing world. Maxem has been getting extremely positive feedback for years and has amassed a big following in the world of superbike racing in Canada. Throughout the years our brand has been recognized as a premium product that will last the test of time. We are finally making some serious progress in the United States and can't wait to warm your motorcycle tires!


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