Kyle Sheppard and Outlaw Productions Come Aboard The Maxem Team

Kyle Sheppard; the owner of Outlaw Productions and Canadian Flattrack racer, has hopped on the Maxem Motorsports team and we are happy to have him. Kyle is a talented rider and understands partnering with a quality tire warmer manufacturer such as Maxem will benefit both sides of the partnership. Flattrack has been increasing in popularity in the United States and Canada over the past few years and motorcycle enthusiasts love the dirt track oval, excitement that comes with a one-night elimination process, and the brands of motorcycles that power the fearless flattrack riders to glory. The podium is always within Kyles reach, and Maxem is proud to have him. Our Flattrack Tire Warmers give Kyle confidence that his hot tire pressures will provide him sufficient tracton when the rubber means the road!

He is also a talented producer of quality content, whether it be motorcycle photography, supermoto commercials, flattrack teasers, or motocross broadcasts, Kyle has a talented eye for graphics, and editing, and we hope that we can produce a video with him soon. In the meantime Good luck!

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