Do you need motorcycle tire warmers?

To answer this question, you must ask another, street or track? Obviously, there are exceptions to this, such as flat track, and motocross, which do use tire warmers, fork warmers, and shock warmers sometimes, to achieve the same result.

In general, if the tires on your bike are street legal, you probably don’t need tire warmers, because those are designed to run cold and will gradually heat up after you are a few miles into the ride.

If you are a racer or a track day rider, then you do need tire warmers.

Why? Because.........

Cold rubber and warm rubber are substantially different. The rubber that makes up track tires is slippery and brittle when cold. But, when you use a tire warmer to bring the tires up to operating temperature, the track tires become pliable and sticky. Now which of those two options sounds like a better state for a racing tire. Easy choice...

Now that you have chosen to use warm racing tires, your tires will morph into the shape of the road, offering a larger contact patch, allowing that patch to grab the pavement much better than a cold, slippery tire.

How do you get your tires warm you ask.....

You can get onto the track and ride for 4-7 laps on cold tires, putting yourself at risk for cold-tire incidents, risking a fall or injury, poor riding quality, and speed. Or you can use a Maxem Tire Warmer, a high quality, electrical blanket, that will secure to your tire in the paddock, and provide the heat your motorcycle tires need to operate effectively.

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